General Enquiries
Why should I book accommodations with Best of Croatia? What are my benefits in comparison with other agencies?
Whom do I conclude the lease contract with - with Best of Croatia or the landlord (homeowner or hotel)?
Questions Concerning the Accommadation Search
How do I find the most appropriate accommodations for my preferences?
How do I use the advanced search or filters properly?
How can I see how many accommodations are available in a particular location?
How can I see when an accommodation is still available?
What's up with the reviews? Are the entries trustworthy?
Questions Concerning the Booking
How do I book an accommodation?
What information is required for a valid booking?
Is it possible to reserve an accomodation with no obligations?
Questions Concerning Payments and Costs
Is a down payment for the accommodation necessary? How much is it?
When and where do I pay the balance left?
Can I use a wire transfer to pay the balance for my booked accommodation in advance?
Will the down payment incur any other charges? If yes, then who is responsible for these charges?
It is also possible to pay via Credit Card, PayPal or an instant wire transfer?
What does the value specified in the price table refer to?
What costs are included in the rent? What costs are to be paid upon arrival?
Should I expect more, hidden costs upon arrival?
Do babies and small children pay the same price as adults or is their stay gratis? Is it possible to get a discount?
Questions Concerning the Accommodations
What should I bring with me? Towels, silverware, kitchen utensils, plates, etc?
I would like to bring my boat with me? Is there a place to dock my boat?
Where can I rent a boat? Do I need a boot license to do this?
Are there any house rules to be observed?
Are there fixed arrival and departure days or can I also arrive or depart during the week?
Questions Concerning Pets
Can I bring my dog with me? Are pets allowed in the accommodation?
Can I take my dog with me to the beach?
Do I need official documents to travel to Croatia with my dog?
Questions after the booking
I have to cancel my booking. What do I do?
I have to rebook. How do I go about this?
One or more further people would like to join us on our vacation. What do we need to do?
Questions Concerning the Beach
Where do I find the best beaches in Croatia?

Why Best of Croatia ?

  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Numerous objects with direct-booking option
  • Intelligent search function with numerous useful filter options
  • Extensive travel guide with lots of pictures and videos over 500 pages
  • Detailed beach guide with more than 700 beaches