Banjol has 1,900 inhabitants and is located on the west coast of the island of Rab, which belongs to the southern part of the Kvarner Bay. From here Rab stretches out in front of the mainland by Sveti Juraj and Jablanac. This place is well-known as a popular swimming destination and lies only a few kilometer southeast of the island's capital of Rab. Banjol, although, has significantly more inhabitants. Besides having some sandy, pebbled and rocky beaches, Banjol also has some cultural features to offer. In August, an interesting event is the feast day of "Sistovica", which is held in honor of Saint Lucia. At this event, visitors get a good insight into the culture and cuisine of Banjol. Among the typical specialties of the town include sage-honey, grapes and herbal liquor and meals with anchovies- which have been eaten in Banjol for generations.

Due to this holiday resort being relatively young, historical sights in Banjol are rare and the cityscape is primarily characterized by modernized and newly built apartments. This area is not well known for its ancient ruins, but rather for its beautiful sandy and pebbled beaches, which extend around to Banjol and even entice tourists from neighboring Rab. Rest and relaxation can be found in Banjol along with a colorful variety of leisure activities including cycling, diving or hiking. 


  • Beach Padova
Beach Padova

Kvarner Gulf, Rab Island, Banjol

type of beach gravel, stones, rocks, concrete plateaus


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