Betina is a charming little village on the northwest coast of the island of Murter near the main town sharing the island's name. The two towns have in the meantime grown together. Directly across from Betina on the Croatian mainland is the Lake of  Vrana Jezero, a designated nature park and an ornithological paradise. In Betina you can stroll comfortably through the winding streets past stone walls that are covered with colorful plants and up to the parish Church of St. Francis dating from the 17th century. There are about 770 inhabitants in this idyllic coastal city who are descendants of the refugees from Vrana who, in the 16th century in fear of the Turks, fled to the island and settled Betina. 

A long tradition and today still an important source of revenue, is the practice of wooden shipbuilding. Accordingly, the marina is well developed in Betina. The great sailing ship of Betina is a result of this great craft as well as the many safety net boats from the fishermen and the boats made especially for tourists. Despite all this tradition, a large part of the population subsists from tourism. Besides shipbuilding, fishing has also had a long tradition here. Muscles have been caught in the channel by Betina for many decades using a special tool - the Brganja. The day of Brganje takes place every August in honor of this activity. Then, the muscles are prepared according to local recipes, the local wine is poured and there is dancing into the night.


  • Beach Kosirina Bay
Beach Kosirina Bay

North Dalmatia, Murter Island, Betina

type of beach sand, gravel, rocks
Beach Plitka Vala

North Dalmatia, Murter Island, Betina

type of beach sand, gravel, fine gravel
Beach Zdrače

North Dalmatia, Murter Island, Betina

type of beach sand, gravel, fine gravel, concrete plateaus


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