The small town of Buzet is located close to the Slovenian border in the northern region of Istria. This medieval town is perched on a hill overlooking a fertile landscape formed by the river Mirna - the largest river in Istria- and the source of life for the area. Buzet is most well-known, however, for being the "truffle capital" because of the celebrated white mushrooms that thrive particularly well here in the green forests along the Mirna River Valley. Every year during the months of September and October, you can honor this white truffle during the commemorative  "Truffle Days". These culinary celebrations start on the second weekend in September with the "fritaja", a hearty dish of eggs and truffles, which is publicly cooked in a large pan.

Buzet has much more to offer than Mushrooms, you know: The fascinating medieval old town enchants visitors with its narrow, winding streets, which interact with the historic architecture to exude a wonderful old world charm. Other attractions include the Baroque parish Church of Sveti Marija and the large city gate called Vela Vrata constructed in the year 1547. There is also a regional museum in Buzet that has archaeological and ethnographic collections exhibited to the  public. In addition to hiking and cycling through the wonderful, very scenic area, you can also try your hand at para-gliding near Buzet and experience the landscape from a bird's eye perspective.


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