Situated in the interior of the Solta Island is the main town of Grohote, which around 440 people call home and for even some, their second home. Grohote is located on the main road connecting Maslinica in the west and Stomorska in the east and leads to the ferry port in Rogac. This rustic town is the hub of the island: Here you will find the island school, administration, supermarkets, the post office,  pharmacy, fire station and hospital. Grohote also features a few restaurants, taverns and cafés.

On a tour of Grohote, you will discover the historical monuments that tell of the town's long history. Worth mentioning, in regards to historic architecture, is the parish Church of Sveti Stefan built from 1914-1917. The massive bell tower dominates the townscape. Sveti Stefan stands on the foundations of an earlier church that dated back to 1576. Many remains of the old church were found when building the new one such as grave stones and inscriptions written by, among other things, one grieving mother. In the immediate vicinity, you will find the remains of an early Christian basilica from the 5th century. It was destroyed in 1240 during an attack by pirates from Omis. Some floor mosaics have remained intact. Another local attraction is located east of the church: The old cemetery with early Christian sarcophagi, which were used in both world wars as tombs. Grohote's cultural association organizes entertaining festivals, art events, as well as olive oil and wine tastings.

Since Grohote is located inland, beach lovers have to resort to going to the beaches in Rogac or Necujam. These small island resorts are located on the coast only a few kilometers further north (1.3 km from Rogac) and to the northwest (7 km from Necujam). Here there are some beautiful pebbled beaches with amenities.


Beach Tatinja

Central Dalmatia, Šolta Island, Grohote

type of beach stones, rocks


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