Hum is an extraordinary city in several respects. First of all, it is not particularly large- it actually holds the record in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest city in the world with only 17 inhabitants. Furthermore, Hum has been so well preserved that is looks almost exactly as it did in the 11th/12th century and the whole city, therefore, is a living museum.

With a single step, those walking in Hum will feel as if they have been spirited back into the past a few centuries - to the time in which the Byzantine monk and scholar Cyril developed the oldest Slavic alphabet, called Glagolitic. In fact, Hum and its neighboring town of Roc are both the guardians of the now almost forgotten Glagolitic script. Here you will find the oldest witness to the first Slavic literature on a wall panel originating from the 12th century.

Together with Roc, Hum built the Trail of the Glagolitic, a seven-kilometer long road that is lined with nine major historical monuments. So much culture can stir up an appetite and visitors can, upon returning, visit Hum's only restaurant, the "Humska konoba". One of the house specialties is the brandy "Humska biska", which is still distilled today according to a 1000 year old recipe.


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