Hiding behind the name Kastel Novi is a district of the central Dalmatian city of Kastela, which lies between Trogir and Split. Around 6,400 people live in Kastel Novi, which translates as "New Castle". The history of the city's name can be traced back to the fortress, specifically the tower, that Pavao Antun Cipiko built in 1512. His uncle was the Trogir nobleman Koriola Cippico who was responsible for building the "Old Castle" in 1476 in the neighboring town of Kastel Stari. The interesting history of the district has been recorded by residents in a museum in the old tower. Of interest to visitors is also the bustling market square around the tower and the Church of Sveti Rok. The church was built in 1586 in the Renaissance style.

The town's natural side can be found in the "Biblical Garden" of Stomorija, which lies just above Kastel Novi. The park takes its name from the plants growing there that have been mentioned in the Bible before. In the midst of the garden is the small Church of Sveta Marija, which was built in 1189. During a walk through the park, you can not only take pleasure in the fragrant, splendid-looking plants here, but also discover sculptures from important Croatian artists. Restaurants and taverns along Kastel Novi's waterfront promenade entice guests in with their delicious local food and wine.

There are no beaches located directly in Kastel Novi because its coast, strictly speaking, is only about 500 meters long. For this reason, bathers should head towards the surrounding villages. The Gabine Beach in Kastel Stafilic is only about 600 meters from the center of Kastel Novi and in the center of Kastel Stari there is a pebbled beach which is only about 700 meters away from Kastel Novi.


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