Kaštel Stari

Kastel Stari lies on the central Dalmatian coast between Trogir and Split and is home to 7,000 inhabitants as a district of the city of Kastela. This village was named after the fortress of the same name here, which was built in 1476 by the architect Coriolanus Cipiko. It is, thus, one of the oldest of its kind in Kastela. The history of the fortress has been characterized by the numerous attacks and fires that it has endured. One of the fires brought a tragic end to the architect's wife. Around 1830 the family left the castle and was, according to tradition, never to be seen again. Today, Kastel Stari has become quite the lively town with the daily selling of fresh products like vegetables and fish. Outside of the fortress is the parish Church of Sveti Ivan, whose construction dates back to 1641. Its special feature: It is home to five marble altars and five altar slabs with reliefs.

You can enjoy the local cuisine in Kastel Stari while overlooking the Adriatic because many of the restaurants and pubs here have been established on the waterfront promenade. Whether you stop off here for a delicious dinner of fresh fish or just desire a glass of wine: The promenade's maritime flair and the peaceful harbor attract many visitors throughout the day.



Beach Đardin (Paićevo)

Central Dalmatia, Riviera Kaštela, Kaštel Stari

type of beach gravel


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