The industrially characterized town of Kastel Sucurac is the oldest district of the city of Kastela, which extends over the stretch of coast between Trogir and Split. In 1392, the archbishop of Split, Andrija Gualdo, supervised the building of the Sucurac defense tower only 12 kilometers from his home town. In 1488, the bishop Averaldo, also from Split, augmented the defense tower by adding a palace with decorative, Gothic windows. The current appearance of the defense tower of Sucurac has stayed the same since 1509. If you want to go to the historic center of the town, where the Bishop's residence is located, you must first meander through the winding streets lined with the strung together old stone houses of the residents. On the south side of the palace there is a large market square whose location is not typical for these local castles. This square is a favorite haunt of the about 6,800 locals who like to gather here for a coffee and a nice chat.

With the other six forts situated in the neighboring towns and Mount Kozjak in the background, Kastel Sucurac is an ideal starting point for taking hikes through the Mediterranean landscape of Central Dalmatia. Around the village, you will find many well-developed hiking trails that lead, for example, to the former Church of Jurij od Putalja on Mount Kozjak or to the Church of Gospa na Hladi. The local churches are also of interest due to their differing styles.


Beach Kaštel Sućurac

Central Dalmatia, Riviera Kaštela, Kaštel Sućurac

type of beach gravel, rocks, concrete plateaus


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