Picturesque Kolocep is the smallest island of the 13 islands of the Elaphiti Archipelago that scatters out near the city of Dubrovnik in southern Dalmatia. There are just 160 locals living on this 2.4 km² small island that turns out to be a car-free oasis of calm as far away from mass tourism as possible. Since its distance from the mainland is only 1.5 km, there is a constant rush of day-trippers from Dubrovnik.

Island attractions include old Croatian religious buildings, such as the Church of the Holy Trinity and the original villages of Donje Celo and Gornje Celo as well as its sandy beaches. The island is characterized by well-restored summer residences, ancient fortifications and good restaurants serving local fish, seafood and wild game dishes with homemade brandy.

Tourist services include a supermarket, souvenir shops, cafés, restaurants, a bank and a post office, tennis courts and sports fields. Vacationers can try their hand at surfing, canoeing, volleyball and cycling here. Red coral reefs have developed all around the numerous islands, so that it is not only worthwhile to explore the island's landscape, but also to go diving or snorkeling - for example, in the magnificent Blue Grotto. Locals use the red corals to make jewelry. If you want to see the island a bit closer from the sea side, you should head towards the southwest. Although you can not swim on the rough, cliff-like coasts, they are still very impressive to see.


  • Beach Koločep
Beach Koločep

South Dalmatia, Elaphiti Islands, Koločep

type of beach sand
  • Beach Gornje Čelo
Beach Gornje Čelo

South Dalmatia, Elaphiti Islands, Koločep

type of beach sand, gravel, stones


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