Kucisce is a village with 250 inhabitants lying at the foot of Sveti Ilija, the highest mountain on the Peljesac peninsula. The most important tourist resort of Orebic lies only 5 km east of here. Archaeological findings have proven that Kucisce was inhabited during the prehistoric times. The Church of Sveti Luca dates back to the year 1393 and the Church of Sveti Trojstvo from 1752. The coastal town started to flourish in the 18th century and during this time many magnificent houses as well as other structures were built and the Church of Sveti Lovro from 1335 was rebuilt.

Similar to as in Orebic, Kucisce in the 18th and 19th century become the base for many sea captains and sailors. The reason for this has to due with to its strategic position on the peninsula and its long-standing tradition in navigation and shipping. The local marble houses tell the stories of their previous owners- the former captains and their families. With the decline of sailing, the inhabitants had to turn to other activities and found sources of income in agriculture, wine and tourism.

Kucisce is a popular spot for windsurfers and sailors because the wind conditions are particularly favorable here. Tourists can even try their hand at diving and snorkeling. In the village there are shops, a post office, restaurants and bars.


  • Beach Zamošće
  • Beach Zamošće
  • Beach Zamošće
  • Beach Zamošće
Beach Zamošće

South Dalmatia, Pelješac Peninsula, Kučišće

type of beach gravel, fine gravel
Beach Kučišće

South Dalmatia, Pelješac Peninsula, Kučišće

type of beach gravel, rocks, concrete plateaus


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