On the Lastovo Island, lying at the foot of a green pyramid-shaped hill, is the eponymous capital of this southern Dalmatian island that sits far out in the  Adriatic Sea. The main town of Lastovo, lying near the northern coast, only has 350 inhabitants and has no vantage points to the nearby lying Islands of Korcula. This is because of the town's orientation towards the south in a cauldron-like valley heading towards the interior of the island. The picturesque stone houses have been built terrace-like into the hillside, which gently merges into the rolling countryside, providing an enchanting panorama.

The old town has developed around the Church of Sveti Rok, which was built in the 16th century. From here you can reach the upper district of Gornji Pjevor where the Gothic-Baroque Church of Sveti Vlaho from the 14th century is situated. Looking down from the steep steps down to the cove of Saint Michael, you will notice the numerous chimneys – Fumari. Each chimney's construction and architectural details reflect the status of the families. The three-nave parish Church of Sveti Kuzma i Damjan stands out between the rustic, stone-housed lined streets. Dating back to the 14th century, this church houses a Baroque altar, a bronze holy water font and valuable paintings from Croatian artists. In Lastovo you can enjoy its versatile history as well as discovering its cozy restaurants serving up mainly local dishes. Entertainment can be found while diving, snorkeling, biking, sailing, water skiing and at events such as the Carnival of Lastovo.


  • Beach Lučica Bay
  • Beach Lučica Bay
Beach Lučica Bay

South Dalmatia, Lastovo Island, Lastovo

type of beach stones, rocks, concrete plateaus
Beach St. Michael Bay

South Dalmatia, Lastovo Island, Lastovo

type of beach stones, rocks, concrete plateaus


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