Metajna is located on the northeast part of the island of Pag, on the rocky coast around the large Bay of Pag, which is open to the mainland coast. Due to its location in the quiet waters of the Kvarner Bay, Metajna is often visited by boaters and swimmers. Some athletes and active vacationers are drawn to the steep and rocky coast of Metajna, where the cliffs provide an interesting challenges for rock climbers.

During the Second World War the town of 200 inhabitants became unwanted notoriety when a concentration camp was built here. It was one of two concentration camps on the island of Pag that today no longer characterize the island. The residents of Metajna have preferred to keep their customs and food traditions alive. In summer they organize the annual fishing festival, where visitors can take pleasure in open-air, live music and the scent of fish specialties. In general, the residents are proud of their local products and offer, among others, sage tea, homemade brandy, juniper-scented smoked ham and its Pag cheese.

The hinterlands of Metajna are quite barren and hilly: hiking and cycling are therefore challenging, but rewarding. Finally, from the tops of the hills, one can get magnificent views of the island and the Croatian mainland. Just a short boat ride will take you to the mainland with its rough Velebit Mountains.


  • Beach Ručica
Beach Ručica

Kvarner Gulf, Pag Island, Metajna

type of beach gravel, fine gravel
Beach Metajna

Kvarner Gulf, Pag Island, Metajna

type of beach gravel
Beach Metajna 2

Kvarner Gulf, Pag Island, Metajna

type of beach gravel, fine gravel


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