Necujam is located on the northern coast of the central Island of Solta - a peaceful place, ideal for a relaxing vacation. About 170 people live in the Bay of Necujam, which stretches to the south of Rogac's ferry port. The residents here have built their houses to speckle the peninsula, so that one speaks of a scattered settlement in Necujam. Surrounded by fragrant pine trees and chirping birds, the town of Necujam, first mentioned in 1353, has done well to preserve its original charm- even over the long distances. It's charm has survived despite the fact that this former fishing village has grown into the most popular tourist resort on the Solta island.

In the little Church of St. Peter, you can breathe the history right in. This church was built right next to the original church of St. Peter. The ruins of the former chapel from the 15th century are still in good condition. Thus, the apse is still clearly visible. Located in the Bay of Piskera, southwest from downtown, is the round stone house of Bunja, probably the oldest building in Necujam.

The majority of the homes and holiday apartments are situated on the gentle slopes overlooking the sea where a small port and a great beach divide the bay. Overlooking the village, you will see some shops and restaurants that have settled here and provide travelers with everything they need. More services can be found in the northerly lying Rogac or in the main town of Grohote.


Beach Nečujam

Central Dalmatia, Šolta Island, Nečujam

type of beach gravel


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