Omisalj is one of the oldest villages on the island of Krk in the Kvarner Bay and sits in the northwest near the Rijeka International Airport. This wonderfully small town with 1,880 inhabitants has a historical center that is perched on a 85 meter high cliff. The center exudes an ancient charm with its well-preserved medieval city structures, the remains of an early Christian basilica and its narrow streets- a primal ambiance that is felt everywhere in the city. On the main square there is the parish Church of the Ascension of Our Lady, with an impressive bell tower which connects to the town loggia. The three-aisled basilica was built in 1213 and characterizes the town to this day. The special features inside the church include wicker-work ornaments from the 9th century, a gravestone with a Glagolitic inscription and a meticulously detailed rose window. Not far from the Church of the Ascension of Our Lady is the Chapel of Holy Jelena, which was built in the 15th century in the late Gothic style. In the Bay of Sepen you can find the former city complex of Fulfinum Mirine dating back to the 1st to 6th century.

Characteristic of Croatian coastal towns are the seafood restaurants and traditional restaurants that have settled around the harbor. In Omisalj this is specially true, notably around the waterfront where you can find several restaurants serving regional specialties. Recreational offers around the local beach areas include activities such as sailing, cycling and even hiking in the Dubec Nature Park.


Beach Dubec

Kvarner Gulf, Krk Island, Omišalj

type of beach gravel, concrete plateaus
Beach Pesja

Kvarner Gulf, Krk Island, Omišalj

type of beach fine gravel, concrete plateaus


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