The town of Pazin is often referred to as the “heart of Istria because of its very central location on the Istrian Peninsula, as well as being this region's capital city with approximately 5000 inhabitants. Its uniqueness lies in its unique scenic beauty: Three typical Istrian landscapes meet here in Pazin. The white karst of the northeast is found here, as well as the typical red soils of the southwest and the slate gray color of Istria's interior. This diversity is what makes the environment in Pazin so varied and appealing.

Valleys and gorges, caves and caverns - nature explorers will discover the beauty of this land on their hiking and cycling tours. A special highlight of this unique area is the Pazinčica Gorge falling vertically to depths of around 100 meters. A magnificent sight. The real spectacle, however, is the Pazinčica River which disappears into a base plate and becomes dammed for miles - when it rains the gorge is always flooded. The city castle is perched on a cliff about 90 meters high. Today the castle is home to a museum where visitors can follow the history of the town. Other attractions include the Franciscan Monastery dating back to the 15th century and the parish Church of Sveti Nikola.


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