Nine kilometers south of the central Dalmatian town of Makarska is the seaside resort of Podgora, whose eponymous municipality encompasses 2,500 people. About 1,200 people live in this village and they mainly subsist from tourism, viticulture or fishing. These traditions have maintained the residents for decades: The first tourists started coming to the village during the early 20th century and the first hotel in Podgora was opened in 1922.

Due to their fear of the pirates, residents once lived in the slopes of Biokovo and that is why there are so many attractions found near the marina today. For example, the monument of "Galebova krila", a sculpture erected in 1962, displaying two seagulls wings in commemoration of the victory of the Dalmatian Navy during the Second World War. The monument is the center of an annual celebration.

The meaningful Church of All Saints built in 1764 sits in the old district. The chapel of Saint Sacred Heart of Jesus dates back to 1804 and is located in the Hotel Park of Podgorka, whose entry gate is on the list of protected sites. Looking at the coast and the mountainous region of Podgora, it is not surprising that many visitors annually spend their holidays here. Miles of beaches, the imposing Biokovo Mountains ideal for climbing and hiking and tasty, typical Dalmatian cuisine make Podgora a popular destination. Along the mile-long promenade, which is suitable for long walks or bike rides, there are numerous restaurants and shops. During the summer months, the boardwalk is the beating heart of the resort where many cultural and musical events take place. Podgora has a well-developed marina and a small boat harbor in the southern district of Caklje. Because of the many hotels there is also a rich variety of sports and leisure facilities on water as well as on land.


Beach Podgora centar

Central Dalmatia, Riviera Makarska, Podgora

type of beach gravel, fine gravel


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