The small, former mining town of Rasa is located about four kilometers southwest of Labin in the valley of the Krapanski Potok stream- a tributary of the Rasa River, the lifeline of Istria. The town was named after this river, which is one of the most important in Istria. Rasa is the youngest city in Istria. The town was first founded in 1936 after extensive coal deposits were found in the area. The mining of coal was then discontinued in 1966.

At first glance, the city seems to be just a typical working class neighborhood, but upon further inspection, the city turns out to be a piece of urban art itself. Everything in the town is reminiscent of its mining past. Even the Church of Saint Barbara reminds visitors of mining: Its roof has the shape of an inverted trolley and the church's steeple looks like a mining lamp. There is a small pottery workshop in Rasa where guests can purchase typical Istrian pottery as a remembrance of their Croatia holiday. Rasa is located inland and has, therefore, no beach access in the immediate vicinity. However, it is possible to visit a variety of sights located nearby, for example, Labin, Rabac and Pula.


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