The town of Slano is located just 35 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik and has approximately 550 inhabitants. There are regular buses running to Dubrovnik. The main resort consists of several smaller fishing villages, which are strung around the deeply indented, idyllic bay like pearls on a string. In Slano there are only 2 hotels: the Hotel Osmine to the far west of the bay and the newly restored Hotel Admiral in the center. Usually, visitors stay in the holiday apartments or camp in Slano.

The inhabitants mainly subsist from tourism, but also grow tobacco, wine, olives and fruit. The first people to settle Slano lived here in ancient times. On the Gradina Hill is a Roman military camp. The tumuli located in the vicinity of the village are another sign of the town's early settlement. The Franciscan church dates from the 16th century. There is a polyptych on the main alter, which is a work of art by the painter Lovro Dobričević.

Active holidaymakers in Slano can get as much excitement as culture lovers. Water-rats can enjoy activities such as water-skiing, jet skiing, diving and surfing, while land-lovers can explore the lush Mediterranean scenery on a long hike or on bike. In the evenings during high season, there is often live music on the promenade. Revelers with a taste for discos are better off heading to Dubrovnik. Many tourists enjoy dinner in the Kolarin or Mirakul restaurants. During the meal, you can take pleasure in the beautiful views of the Banja Cove. Typical local dishes include the Dubrovnik-steak, the octopus salad, or the black squid risotto and are highly recommended.

In addition to Dubrovnik, the Korcula Island, Mljet National Park, the Peljesac Peninsula and the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro are amongst the most popular destinations. Slano is a tourist resort especially meeting the needs of individuals with no party ambitions or other entertainment demands.


Beach Grgurići

South Dalmatia, Riviera Dubrovnik, Slano

type of beach gravel, fine gravel
Beach Hotel Osmine

South Dalmatia, Riviera Dubrovnik, Slano

type of beach gravel, fine gravel


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