Ston / Mali Ston

When coming from the mainland going east, one of the first places you will reach on the Peljesac Peninsula is the town of Mali Ston and its neighboring town of Ston, the main town of its eponymous municipality. Overall, the municipality of Ston comprises 19 towns and 2,400 residents. Earlier, it was inhabited by the Romans whose traces are still seen in the vestiges of a former fort. The salt productions plants characterizing the south of Ston also originated during Roman times.

In the year 1333, the towns of Ston and Mali Ston were connected by a 5.5 km long defensive wall. This defensive wall is the longest in Europe and the second longest in the world. The defenses consist of three forts and 40 towers. A large part of the wall at Ston was damaged during an earthquake in 1996, but the community rebuilt that portion again. In 2005, the fortifications at Ston were placed on the waiting list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia. Mali Ston is protected by the nearby mainland, whereas Ston lies in a more convenient location in a deeply cut bay. Both town are interesting destinations for boaters, sailors, divers and snorkelers.

Other attractions located in the two towns include the Fortress of Veliki Kastio, the Franciscan Monastery with the connecting Church of St. Nicholas, as well as the oyster and mussel farming areas which occupy a large part of the central coast. For bathing visitors, this means a long walk on foot or a shorter drive to the beach. Mali Ston and Ston provide a good selection of dining options, local wine and fish and meat specialties that are served according to local recipes.


  • Beach Prapratno Bay
Beach Prapratno Bay

South Dalmatia, Pelješac Peninsula, Ston / Mali Ston

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