The town of Sucuraj forms the eastern tip of the Island of Hvar, which is connected to the mainland by a ferry operating to the city of Drvenik. The town was first mentioned in the 14th century. According to Greek mythology, however, Sucuraj was mentioned much earlier than that in Homer's "Ilijade" as "Kila in the east of Leka". King Agamemnon is said to have cursed an enemy here. The continuous change of rulers, as is typical for Croatian towns, is probably nowhere more apparent than in Sucuraj: In the 20th century alone, this fishing village was under six different rulers. In the 17th century, Sucurja served as the boundary line between the Dubrovnik, the Turks and the Venetians. The Venetian fortress,  "Fortica", is a remnant from this period.

In more recent years, the town has been separated into the old resident locals and the tourists who like to stay in the new buildings on the southern coast. The 460 residents prefer to live in their Dalmatian stone houses to the north of the settlement. The Baroque Church of Sveti Antun, the Church of Sveti Juraj and the Franciscan Monastery (formerly Augustinian) are among the town's most valuable monuments.

Concerning food, Sucuraj's traditional cuisine includes dishes with fish, mussels, olives and wine. A selection of restaurants offering international cuisine are also available.


Beach Česminica

Central Dalmatia, Hvar Island, Sućuraj

type of beach gravel, concrete plateaus
Beach Bilina

Central Dalmatia, Hvar Island, Sućuraj

type of beach gravel, stones, rocks
Beach Camp Mlaska

Central Dalmatia, Hvar Island, Sućuraj

type of beach sand, rocks, concrete plateaus
Beach Perna Bay

Central Dalmatia, Hvar Island, Sućuraj

type of beach sand


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