Sumartin is a small town on the east coast of the island of Brac- located in the central Dalmatian Adriatic Sea- just a few miles off the mainland between Split and Makarska. Sumartin is a quiet idyll despite the ferry service operating to the neighboring Makarska resort. The town was first established during the Turkish attacks on Dalmatia in 1640 when, as a consequence, the people of the Makarska Riviera fled to the island of Brac. The people here are mostly concerned with shipbuilding, fishing and seafaring. These traditions have been preserved up until today because the locals still work in a small shipyard in Sumartin.

Indicative of the cityscape are its light-colored stone houses that have been made from the local limestone by the residents. Although the activity of the lime quarries is disappearing from the everyday life of today's 470 inhabitants, the almost snow-white buildings in Sumartin keep the tradition alive. Clearly visible from afar is the parish Church of Sveti Martin from the 20th century, whose predecessor gave the town its name. In the immediate vicinity is the Franciscan Monastery from 1747. The monastery complex is now a museum.
The gastronomy of Sumartin is characterized by small bars and restaurants offering an eclectic mix of regional specialties and international cuisine.


Beach Sumartin

Central Dalmatia, Brač Island, Sumartin

type of beach gravel
  • Beach Vala
  • Beach Vala
Beach Vala

Central Dalmatia, Brač Island, Sumartin

type of beach gravel, concrete plateaus


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