The sleepy village of Sutomiscica lies centrally on the side of the Ugljan Island that faces the mainland: The densely populated northeastern coast that is. The town of Lukoran lies to the north of Sutomiscica and Sutomiscica shares a direct border to the neighboring town of Polyana. The 330 residents of this small town appreciate the peace and quiet, as well as the tourists spending a holiday in Sutomiscica. As you walk through this Dalmatian village with its rustic charm, don't forget to visit the baroque building from the 17th century. The summer home was once owned by the Lantana Family from Zadar, who regularly traveled to Sutomiscica in the summer months. There are other cottages from the family in the surrounding areas.

The well-developed marina in Sutomiscica is a central meeting place, especially for boaters and sailors. A stroll along the promenade and watching the gently rocking boats is a very enchanting experience, especially in the evenings. At the same time, many visitors like to use the town as a springboard to other destinations such as nearby bays and islands. The port of Zadar is only a 20-minute boat ride away. Overall, the marina has 200 berths in the water. There are several restaurants and bars with traditional food and drinks nearby.


Beach Sutomišćica 2

North Dalmatia, Ugljan Island, Sutomišćica

type of beach gravel, stones
Beach Sutomišćica

North Dalmatia, Ugljan Island, Sutomišćica

type of beach sand, fine gravel


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