Sveta Nedilja

The small seaside resort of Sveta Nedilja (Holy Sunday) lies at the foot of the Sveti Nikola, the highest peak on the Island of Hvar. Sveta Nedilja is divided into 2 districts. The old village is situated on a hillside overlooking the new district, which has just emerged in recent decades directly on the seafront here. The new district is also where you will find holiday accommodations. From Sveta Nedilja, you will have a beautiful view of the neighboring islands of Scedro, Vis and Korcula. The ancient, autochthonous grapevines of Plavac Mali, which are processed into rich and aromatic red wines and are, incidentally, the most famous wines in Croatia, thrive on the steep, leeward, southern slopes of Hvar.

In Sveta Nedilja you will also find a cave that was once inhabited. In the 15th century, Augustinian monks built a monastery in the cave. What remains today is only a small church, which had been used by the people of Sveta Nedilja before the village church was built. The new church was erected in honor of Sveta Nejilja's patron saint, Saint Spiridon.

In the village there are several restaurants and taverns that will bring tourists closer to the local cuisine. A glass or two of the local red wine should not be missed under any circumstances. There are many hiking and biking trails among the olive groves and vineyards that are worth exploring. Climbers arrive at Sveti Nikola on their own accord to attempt the challenging rock walls here.


Beach Sveta Nedilja

Central Dalmatia, Hvar Island, Sveta Nedilja

type of beach gravel, fine gravel, rocks


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