Located between the tourist centers of Porec and Novigrad is the small Tar-Vabriga Resort romantically nestled in with the sea on one side and the Mirna River on the other. Strictly speaking, the village actually consists of two villages that are separated right through the middle by the main road running from Porec to Novigrad. Tar-Vabriga is located on a green plateau on whose fertile soil the especially excellent olive trees thrive. The area is known for its olive oil of the highest quality. Some even claim it is the best in Croatia. From the plateau, visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of the two neighboring towns of Porec and Novigrad. On clear, sunny days you can even catch a glimpse of the distant Alps. Anyone visiting Tar-Vabriga should climb the bell tower of the parish church in the Tar-Torreer district at least once. With a little luck, you will be rewarded for that effort with a view of Venice. Tar-Vabriga becomes more calm and peaceful in the summer, hosting many classical concerts, especially in the parish Church of Sv. Martin. Outings to the nearby urban centers as well as to the Lanterna Peninsula will provide you with culture, sightseeing and entertainment. Similar to almost everywhere else in Croatia, numerous possibilities for sport and leisure activities  exist in Tar-Vabriga.

The two most famous beaches in the area, the beaches of Valamar Club Tamaris and Sunset Lanterna are both located on the Lanterna peninsula. Visitors will find many beautiful beaches along a coastline stretching about 10 kilometers long, in addition to clean, clear water that is perfectly suited not only for bathing, but also for diving. Further, rather quiet and uncrowded beaches can be found in the Bay of Santa Marina, at the mouth of the Mirna River.


Beach Valamar Club Tamaris

Istria, Riviera Poreč, Tar

type of beach sand, gravel, rocks, concrete plateaus
Beach Lanterna

Istria, Riviera Poreč, Tar

type of beach gravel, rocks, concrete plateaus


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