Vinisce is a leisurely, only 800 inhabitant-large coastal town, which is nestled in a deep bay and spreads over the rugged peninsula of the same name near the central Dalmatian town of Trogir. The town, populated since the 9th century, has a history that is closely linked with wine. This, of which, not only the numerous vineyards testify to but also the town's name of Vinisce. In the old Croatian language, this word means winery. A walk through the vineyards is just as worthwhile as a drop of this local wine with a leisurely dinner.

There is not much left in the town that is reminiscent of Vinisce's long history. The town has become primarily influenced by new and modern apartments, where vacationers seek their peace and quiet. While on a stroll through the area, it is recommended that tourists visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Orihovica. Although the sacred building stretches halfway towards Marina, it is still one of the most beautiful sights in the municipality of Vinisce. The Lady Chapel was built in 1272 by the Benedictines and is surrounded by a cemetery. You will find the Church of Sveti Ivan dating back to 1331 at the Cape of Ploce. According to legend, Saint Ivan saved people who were distressed at sea. Ivan was also the first name of the mason, Duknovic, who was involved in the construction of the Cathedral of Trogir and allegedly took the stones for the church from his birthplace, Vinisce.


Beach Minere

Central Dalmatia, Riviera Trogir, Vinišće

type of beach gravel, fine gravel, stones
Beach Bačine

Central Dalmatia, Riviera Trogir, Vinišće

type of beach gravel, concrete plateaus
Beach Viniški Mul

Central Dalmatia, Riviera Trogir, Vinišće

type of beach fine gravel, concrete plateaus


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