Zaklopatica has developed on the northern coast of the southern Dalmatian Island of Lastovo in a picturesque bay that is naturally protected by a nearby lying, elongated Island. Hence the name Zaklopatica, which can be translated as "closed or protected". Embedded in this idyllic panorama of green hills and the deep blue sea, Zaklopatica is a paradise for boaters, divers and snorkelers as well as for walkers and cyclists. Due to the limit to the amount of tourist services provided here, for example there are only 3 restaurants, you are able to spend many very relaxed holiday days here. It is highly recommended that you try the local dishes such as grilled lobster, lamb skewers and octopus.

Boats can also be rented in the harbor. All accommodations are in private hands, since there are no hotels or resorts to be found here. The town is characterized by some older stone buildings around the harbor as well as more modern buildings; especially apartment buildings, which have been built at the foot of the hills. There are no notable attractions in Zaklopatica. Those who desire some historical flair can make the 5-minute drive to the island's main city of Lastovo. Here you can admire numerous churches and the island's traditional Fumari (chimneys). The ferry port of Ubli is also only 7 km away and can be reached within 10 minutes.


Beach Zaklopatica

South Dalmatia, Lastovo Island, Zaklopatica

type of beach stones, rocks, concrete plateaus
Beach Korita Bay

South Dalmatia, Lastovo Island, Zaklopatica

type of beach rocks


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