Zavala is a small fishing village on the southern coast of the central Dalmatian Island of Hvar. Zavala is primarily well-known because of its idyllic, isolated island location and for having one of the most beautiful beaches on the isle, the Petarčica. Zavala is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, lavender and rosemary, and this quiet resort's Mediterranean flair comes forth time and time again between the old stone houses and the modern holiday apartments. Lemon trees adorn the gardens of the locals and the rough, mountainous countryside characterizes the entire panorama between the island and the Adriatic Sea.

Those looking for exercise, should hike or go mountain biking to Sveti Nikola- the highest peak on the island and only a few kilometers away. Beautiful walks can also be taken in the lower mountain slopes where the locals have their vineyards. Due to its southern location and many sunshine hours, the vines thrive particularly well here. One of the best red wines from the region comes from around Zavala.


Beach Zavala

Central Dalmatia, Hvar Island, Zavala

type of beach gravel, rocks
Beach Petarčica

Central Dalmatia, Hvar Island, Zavala

type of beach gravel, fine gravel, rocks


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