The Mediterranean coastal village of Zuljana has formed around a beautiful sandy bay on the southern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula and has developed into a popular seaside resort in the region. In the 12th century the Illyrians and Romans were already leaving their mark (such as the remains of Roman tombs) around the tranquil coastal town, which was founded in the 18th century when several districts were brought together. Stara Zuljana located in the wooded inlands is no longer inhabited today. Here, however, you will still find the Church of Saint Martin which was built in the Baroque style and whose foundation comes from its medieval predecessor. Standing right next to it is the chapel of St. Nicholas, which was built in 1630.

Locals and tourists are pulled in by the coast. A large part of everyday life in Zuljana bustles around fishing, agriculture and tourism and despite the great influx of huge crowds, the town has kept its original charm. The town's image is characterized by private homes, small restaurants and cafés that bring tourists closer to the local cuisine with their fish, wild game and vegetable dishes. Concerning sports, there is a football field and a diving center. Since the sea around Zuljana is crystal clear and bright turquoise, it attracts many divers and snorkelers. It's worthwhile to explore the coast by boat.


  • Beach Vučine
  • Beach Vučine
  • Beach Vučine
  • Beach Vučine
Beach Vučine

South Dalmatia, Pelješac Peninsula, Žuljana

type of beach sand, fine gravel
Beach Žuljana

South Dalmatia, Pelješac Peninsula, Žuljana

type of beach sand, gravel, fine gravel


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