Boue médicinale, Nin

Nin lies on a rather shallow peninsula a few kilometers north-west of Zadar, making it a particularly interesting region of Croatia. Here guests can visit, in addition to worthwhile buildings and long sandy beaches, the famous therapeutic mud. The so-called peloid is created through the decomposition of plant residues in the salty seawater. The fine round grains not only beautify your skin, but are, due to its high mineral content, particularly suitable for the treatment of various skin diseases. Simultaneously the mud relieves pain associated with rheumatic diseases and arthrosis.

Even the Romans are said to have come to Nin to experience the healing and beautifying mud in order to nurse themselves back to health. Even today the muddy seabed attracts many tourists, although hardly anyone today expects to be healed. Most just want to take part in the natural spectacle. Those looking to actually use the mud therapeutically, should cover themselves daily with a thin layer and allow the mud to dry in the sun. About 30 minutes of mud and sun a day should be sufficient enough to feel a noticeable improvement.

Queens Beach located northwest of the old town is a good place to take a dip in this healing mud. The beach is also one of the most popular sandy beaches in the region, especially with families with small children.


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